Traveling Solo? Here are 10 Tips for Fearless Solo Adventurers

Travelling solo is a unique experience which you should not miss out on in life. If you are doing it for the first time, you may have a few inhibitions, whether you will enjoy it or not. Will there be enough things to do? Is it even safe? What if you get bored and start hating your own company? Maybe you would feel that you enjoy more with friends and solo travel maybe is not suited for you.
Well, the answer to these questions you will get only when you go on your first solo trip. You need to take this leap to find out whether this is something you enjoy or not. I am writing this blog today to give you 10 tips for fearless solo adventure.

All of these 10 tips for fearless solo adventure are from my personal experience, feel free to amend them to fulfil your requirements. 

  1. Start with what you love to do: It is important that you begin with activities that you would like and enjoy instead of trying to make friends first and then making a plan out with them. If you are travelling solo, chances are that you may be living in a hostel and even though there may be people around you but prioritize things that you would like to do in this process you will meet people who have similar interests and it will be easier to bond with them. In any case, try to be comfortable with the idea of dating yourself. This is the very first tip in the top 10 tips for solo travel.
  2. Take something along with keeps you occupied: While travelling solo there will be times when you will be alone and it is important that this time you have something that keeps your mind busy, for example in my case I used to carry my guitar and compose songs in free time. You could carry a drawing notebook, a musical instrument or anything that you enjoy doing. This will be a really handy tip for your solo travel. 
  3. Be open to new people and experiences: It can be a little intimidating in the beginning but take the initiative of approaching a group of travellers in the common area of your hostel and at times you will be surprised that they have also met 15 mins back. Try new experiences it will give you stories to tell and new friends maybe. 
  4. Don’t over plan: This is one of the most important of the top 10 tips for fearless solo travel- DO NOT OVERPLAN. While basic planning like commute and stay is required, try not to over plan each hour and minute of your day. When you left it to chance and wherever the road takes you, trust me everything will be a bonus.   
  5. It may not be as fun as it looks on social media: Solo travelling is a very hyped phenomenon on social media where you see people enjoying late-night parties, cocktails on the beach and whatnot! While this also happens but then there are also hours of being alone, sharing common areas with 10 other people (including bathrooms), waiting for trains & buses and so much more which has its own charm. This is part of adventure and as an important tip for solo travelling, I recommend you live through it all. 
  6. Explore but don’t exhaust yourself: Solo travelling is about exploring new places and seeing new adventures, meeting people and discovering culture. It is also important that you take the necessary rest also otherwise you will just drain yourself and then nothing will be worthwhile, there this is an important tip in your top 10 tips for solo travel. 
  7. Be watchful of your expenses: Often during solo travelling your expenses skyrocket because you don’t have anyone to Dutch with and if there is a particular activity that you want to do you will have to pay for it all by yourself whereas often in groups you get good discounts, so you miss out on that. Make proper budgeting and keep track of your spending, a good tip for fearless solo travel would be to write down all your expenses at the end of the day. 
  8. Customize experiences to your liking: When you are travelling with a group of people, you have to be considerate of their liking and their time also. But if you are travelling alone, you have the complete freedom to decide what you want to do and when you want to do it. Make use of this freedom as much as possible for this gives you the power to fearless solo travel. 
  9. Keep your insurance ready: While we hope that you never have to use this, it is advised that you have your travel and health insurance handy during your solo travel for any contingency that may arise. In a new place, you will not immediately have friends and family around you and that is where insurance comes in helpful. This is a very important tip in your 10 tips for fearless solo travelling. 
  10. Keep your phone charged ALWAYS: In today’s world almost everything is possible with your phone and it is like a magic wand that can get you out of any situation, be it GPS, online payment, calling for help, you name it. The most important tip in the 10 tips for fearless solo travelling is that your phone should be charged always and you should carry at least 2 power banks for any emergency. 

These are the 10 tips for fearless solo travelling, I hope that equipped with this knowledge you will feel ready to take on this adventure of a lifetime. Happy travels! 

Lavisha Arora

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