Top 10 Tools for Boosting Productivity in Your Business

Productivity in business is something that every businessman is chasing. Every businessman is trying to be more productive in their life reason being that a business is always short on time as there is so much to do, and those who have found the key to being productive get the best out of their time and maximise their investment.  

Another reason why becoming productive has become the need of the hour is that in today’s world we are surrounded by so many distractions from our phones, laptops and so much more because the world we live in is now more connected than ever and that is why it is a good idea to take help of productivity tools which are at your disposal.

In this blog, we will share with you the top 10 tools for boosting productivity in business. So without further delay let’s dive straight into the list of top 10 tools for boosting productivity in business.

  1. ntask- This tool is specially used to manage the smooth completion of bigger projects. Usually in a bigger project, it is easy that the team may get lost in between multiple tasks and that is where ntask comes in handy because it lets your team collaborate and make a detailed to-do list, carefully monitoring the progress of each individual. This is a great tool if you are looking for a sure-shot way of tools that can boost productivity in business. 
  2. ProofHub- It lets you manage projects in a great way because you can delegate tasks to each individual and check their and take any corrective action if necessary. It also lets you upload documents individually focusing on an individual. It is a great tool to boost productivity in your business. 
  3. HubSpot’s Marketing Hub: A very popular choice for businesses looking to enhance their productivity. It helps you with the launch and management of your promotional activities. It comes with several features like a contact database, and ease in sharing and syncing data in the marketing, customer support and sales team. 
  4. Freedom- If you often get distracted by social media while working then Freedom is the tool that will help you increase your productivity. It allows you to block websites, notifications and other digital distractions so that you can focus on the task at hand. Not just one, you can block websites on multiple devices and that is what makes it really effective. Make sure you inform your team members when you are going to do this so that they understand the reason for your non-responsiveness. 
  5. Calendly- It is a very useful tool to boost productivity in your business because it creates a sense of ease by solving a problem. If you want to book a meeting slot with your team member, you don’t have to send emails to block a time. It is very time-consuming and only complicates the process. With Calendly you can directly book a meeting slot with your team member considering their schedule on calendly, so it eliminates the additional step of sending in a mail to confirm the timing by allowing it directly. 
  6. Noisli- If you are looking for a perfect tool to boost productivity in your business then Noisli is the answer. Often people working from home face the issue of background noises from children or the hustle and bustle in the background. Noisli helps in reducing all of them by giving you a custom playlist that you can listen to while working and get in the groove of productivity. 
  7. Pushbullet: If you are a multi-device worker then pushbullet is a must for you. Often when you are using multiple devices at work, it is highly likely that you will get distracted while switching from one device to another. This is where pushbullet comes into play as it connects all your devices together, which means now you can see your phone notification on your laptop, and get the sharable files from your laptop to your iPad without having to email yourself. All this makes Pushbullet one of the top 10 tools for boosting productivity in your business. 
  8. 1Password: A tool that is built to solve a human problem. We are so deeply connected in the digital space that we have multiple passwords and it is almost impossible to remember all of them which is why 1Password keeps all your passwords safe in 1 place all you need to remember is this one password, cool isn’t it? 
  9. Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock: Has it happened to you that when you wake up you don’t have a clear head and your mind is stuck in thoughts instead of being fresh when you get up, you are actually hazy in your head? This happens when you get woken up in your deep sleep. Our mind requires that deep sleep to be able to perform to its maximum and that is exactly what Sleep Cycle helps you with. It recognizes your sleeping pattern and finds out the best time to wake you up. This incredible feature makes it one of the top 10 tools for boosting productivity in your business. 
  10. Cyfe by Traject: If you use multiple tools to manage your social media, analytics, customer support etc then Cyfe will greatly help you to boost productivity in your business. How it helps is that it brings all these multiple softwares together in one place making it easier for your marketing team to manage everything easily and take any necessary step if required. 

These were the top 10 tools for boosting productivity in your business, we wish you all the very best for whatever lies ahead and we hope this information will help you in reaching your desired outcome. 

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