Top 6 Travel Hacks for Stress-Free Trips

When the time comes and we all can take a temporary break from reality, you have no second thoughts while leaving all your worries behind. Whether it’s your job, family, a ‘someone’ or life stressing you out in general; a beach vacation, basking in the sun while sipping on pina coladas gives you the refreshing pov you’ve been trying to find in the monotonous rhythm of life. 

So when you’re about to board your flight to freedom, why have small avoidable inconvenient situations arise that could kill your summer sunshine vibe?

Everything in life isn’t perfect, including your vacay prep. But with a little more effort- it might just become as perfect as your Pinterest board!

So before you board the plane, here are a few hacks you should keep in mind so that your journey is as fabulous as your destination.

  1. Luggage Lessons

It’s hard to pack light, we get it. But are you really going to wear 10 pairs of shoes on a 5 day trip? Rather, test run your fits and see what exactly you will wear before there is a mountain of clothes piled up in your suitcase.

When you pack your stuff, put bigger articles on the bottom and the smaller stuff rolled to perfection like your fav burrito. 

Roll them like sushi so you can save more space. While it may seem tedious, your on-vacation self will thank you. The last thing you need is a fashion emergency right before you have to leave for that 9am city tour. 

Keep your essentials in a small carry-on bag or anything that’s accessible when you’re about to pass security in the airport. Pack it a night early so you don’t end up leaving your passport behind and start the vacation on a bad note.

Carry laundry bags so that your dirty clothes don’t ruin your upcoming pre-planned fits. 

  1. Apps save you from traps

Download airline apps to ensure you’re updated with every detail about your flight. You don’t want to show up 3 hours after the plane took off and have your vacation go down the drain. While airlines message you, there are chances you might not see them while you’re daydreaming about all the pretty places you’re going to.

The apps track every single thing and make life easier by giving you all the updates you need. 

Some apps also give you offers like food vouchers, upgrades or lounge access. Start your vacation the second you step into the airport itself.

You could also do an early check in and pre-book your seat beforehand. Whether it’s the ease of an aisle or the picturesque window, you don’t have to be worried about getting stuck with an uncomfortable seat.

  1. Download to unload

Watching the latest season of your latest binge worthy show or having a relapse on your comfort favs; make sure you download the shows, podcasts, music or e-book you’d want to fill your hours with (accompanied by much needed naps). 

Most importantly, no matter what you do, don’t forget your earpods/headphones. This is something that doesn’t need to be justified. It’s something that helps you conceal noise or let alone create some. Especially when there’s a baby on the plane, you know they’re your savior. 

  1. High time to hydrate

Maybe not so much for the youth but as you grow older, jet lag hits you like a truck. Well no matter how old you are, water should be a priority. The only inconvenient thing about going to beautiful international places is that their time zones tend to be wacky. But it’s a part of the true escape.

So to ensure you still are not hungover ‘coz of the time difference, get on to that plane loaded up with bottles (of water). Yes, you might have to run to the restroom more than once, but hey at least you’ll be the least puffy and most energized person to walk out of the plane when you land!

  1. Flight care fanny pack

When it’s a short 2-3 hour flight, you don’t have to worry about something you need that’s checked in. But if it’s more than 10 hours, one could tend to get antsy about such a situation. So to ensure you won’t end up in such a situation, just put in 15 minutes of your time into packing exactly what you would need in a separate smaller bag the night before. If you want to work, your laptop, charger, headphones and other essentials or maybe an overnight bag with toothbrush, toothpaste, face wash, etc.

  1. Snack needs a snack

Now that you are on an international flight, chances of you liking the cuisine is a maybe. If you are experimental with your food, good for you. But if you need something different or just more than the given quantity, you can’t sit on a 10 hour flight starving away. So pack up tiny treats in your carry on that you can munch on while binging on The Office. 

Another tip is to always check out the duty free in airports so you can try new stuff. (especially if you’re in an international airport- I once picked up Ramen noodle snacks from the International Vietnam Airport and surprisingly it was good!)

Plus the stuff there is heavily discounted as well so you can splurge without the guilt.

While you plan for a much needed vacation months in advance (or maybe you just do it impulsively), there are small details that could make or break your travel journey.

Of course you don’t want to start your much anticipated escape with a headache.

The small little efforts you put it in can actually make a bigger difference than you think. All those times you do it for others, it’s about time you do it for yourself too!

A self care trip needs to start with self care planning.

But you need to keep one thing in mind- there could be something such as ‘too much planning’. While you can’t plan out every single detail, you can do your best in saving yourself from some unwanted situations. 

So keep these tips in mind, go with a happy mindset and come back with a happier one! 

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