10 Ways to Enhance Your Mental Peace

To attain peace of mind is as important as having a healthy body and a joyful spirit. Often less talked about, having peace of mind can greatly impact your life in a positive way but often it happens that we are involved in our lives and our jobs and goals that it becomes difficult to […]


Top 6 Travel Hacks for Stress-Free Trips

When the time comes and we all can take a temporary break from reality, you have no second thoughts while leaving all your worries behind. Whether it’s your job, family, a ‘someone’ or life stressing you out in general; a beach vacation, basking in the sun while sipping on pina coladas gives you the refreshing […]

Thanksgiving Pickup Lines Dating & Relationship

50 Best Thanksgiving Pick Up Lines & Jokes

Whether it be winter or summer, it’s always the season for fun pickup lines to show off your witty personality. Thanksgiving might be at the bottom of your list when it comes to fun things to spark a conversation with someone I’m attracted to but hey- give everything a chance.  Maybe thanksgiving pun is the […]