Our Story

Better For Minds was formed when a group of like-minded individuals from diverse backgrounds came together to establish an online community with the purpose of sharing knowledge that can help improve people’s lives. At Better For Minds, you will find answers to all your questions, whether it’s tips and tricks to overcome everyday challenges or profound insights to help you navigate and discover your purpose in life. We provide thoroughly researched and articulated information to empower our readers globally.

We have created a multi-topic website that covers a wide range of subjects, including automobiles, business, celebrities, finance, health, technology, and much more, aiming to enlighten the lives of our readers through knowledge.

Our goal is to build a community where people can also contribute their own knowledge, allowing our global readership to benefit from their expertise. Each member of our team brings their own expertise to the table, as we have all been shaped by our unique experiences.

Meet Our Team

Kunal Sharma

SEO Researcher & Content Writer

Peeyush Panwar

Senior Content Writer

Lavisha Arora

Digital Marketing Expert & Content Writer

Shreyas Jain

Advocate & Legal Content Writer

Shivika Manchanda

Journalist & Content Writer