Innovation in construction: PEB (Pre-engineered Buildings) companies in India

PEB (Pre-Engineered Buildings) is an innovation in the construction industry that is perfectly suited to match the growing pace of India and fulfil the need to increase the construction pace. 

What exactly are Pre-Engineered Buildings?

When different types of building equipment are manufactured in a factory, brought to the site, and assembled there, that is called a Pre-Engineered building. It is an alternative to the current method of building a structure at the site. PEB structural components are fabricated at the factory as per the exact needs and measurements and then transported and assembled using bolds and other tools. 

Generally speaking, a PEB building will have three components:

  1. Structural Steel framing 
  2. Roof using a metal 
  3. Wall panels of different materials 

How is it better than the traditional method?

  • Less time-consuming: The turnaround time is very less, just a few weeks after the drawings’ approval. As the construction is being built, the foundation and anchor bolts are simultaneously built so that the overall time comes down. Because of such a fast pace of work, the total time taken before revenue starts coming in reduces, thus helping the business grow faster. 
  • Less cost: Because this is a more systematic approach, there are bigger savings in designing and manufacturing and on-site development. All these factors combine together to make this cost-effective. 
  • Ease of expansion: The scope of scalability is huge in the PEB industry because all you need to do is just add additional bays to increase the length. Also, the design is made in such a way that it is possible to expand it further if the demand arises. 
  • Consistent quality: It is always easier to maintain quality if you are building something in a controlled environment of a factory as compared to an on-site erection. 
  • Long-lasting: When the structure is being readied in the factory, it is coated with several layers of paint giving it long-lasting durability with minimal maintenance needs. 
  • Versatility: Because you have the freedom to use different components such as wall panels, canopies, fascia, curved eaves etc. you get to add the flavour of versatility to your building. 

Top 10 PEB companies in India 

Let’s take a deeper look at some of the best PEB manufacturers in India. 

SML Group: Established exactly 50 years ago, SML group, aka Saxena Marine Tech group, has kept one thing as their focus, Customer Satisfaction. Their designs and materials offered exceed customer expectations, this is their style and this has served them well over the years. Established in Noida, they are looking to expand their pan-Asia presence with the same attitude. They also focus on other issues such as sustainability, innovation but above all, value to the customer. 

Kirby Building Systems: Headquartered in Andhra Pradesh, Kirby Building Systems is a well-known PEB company in India with strong roots dating back to 1976. They have an international presence with multiple manufacturing plants located in Hyderabad, Kuwait, Haridwar, Ras-Al-Khaima, and Vietnam with a combined capacity to produce over 4 lakh MT annually. They have sales offices in more than 70 different countries along with a ISO 9001 quality standard accreditation. To date, they have made over 60,000 PEB structures around the world with Renault Nissan Factory being one of them which happens to be the biggest PEB structure in the world. 

Interarch Building: One of the largest PEB companies in India, since 1984 with its headquarter in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. It makes an astonishing 3 million square meters of roofing annually. Infrastructure plays a crucial role in the development of our country, and therefore Interarch building believes in collaboration and working closely with business leaders to help in the creation of commercially important industries in India. Today they hold a large share in the market of metal building systems and they have emerged as a strong leader in the sector. 

Hindustan Alox Limited: Having built their expertise in adopting state-of-the-art technology, Hindustan Alox Limited became a leading manufacturer of pre-engineered buildings. They focus on getting top-class assistance from trained and experienced individuals to enhance their efficiency. They provide assured production, superior designs and proper installation as per the engineering principles making them one of the top PEB companies in India. 

Lloyd Insulations India Limited: They have serving the market for more than half a century now, having been established in the year 1958 in Mumbai, Maharashtra. They export quality insulation from India and are well known amongst clients in India for their legacy and quality. As a PEB company, they are behind some of the major projects in India. 

Multicolor Steels India Private Company: Based out of Delhi, they were established in the year 1994 and since then they have expanded their business in the field of Pre-Engineered Buildings, wall cladding, metal roofing and much more. Holding a solid track record of covering 4 million square meters and serving more than 500 businesses and helping each one of them grow and generate revenues, so if you are also planning to start your own business, now is the time!

Everest Industries Limited: The grandfather of Indian PEB Industries because they have been around since 1934, the year of their establishment. They are the ones who educated people about the concept of Pre-Engineered Buildings and continue to do so even today. They are one of the major players in the steel manufacturing industry with a top-notch workforce. Although today they have a young workforce but still a lot of attention is given to the old employees of the company who built its foundation. 

Tiger Steel Engineering India Private Limited: One of the oldest PEB companies in India, Tiger Steel Engineering India Private Limited was established in 1968, in Mumbai Maharashtra. It is a Pre-Engineered Building supplier, producer and operator and it is well-known for its operational excellence. Tiger Steel combines different areas of expertise such as cutting-edge software, professional excellence and flexibility in manufacturing to best suit the customer need. Its major clientele lies in the infrastructure sector. 

EPACK Prefab: One of the fastest-growing players in the industry, this newcomer is taking everyone by storm. Founded in 1999, its corporate offices are in Greater Noida along with 2 manufacturing centres in Greater Noida and Neemrana. Its key area of expertise is designing, fabricating, and supplying PEBs, it can also manufacture cold roll-formed sections and ERW steel tubes. EPACK takes pride in being a company that never misses a deadline at work, the fact that it was able to Hindon Airport Project in just 4 months which was due to be inaugurated by the Prime Minister just shows its level of dedication in its work. 

Multi Décor India Private Limited: When you think of a PEB company in India, you think of someone who will be able to cater to all the needs and that is exactly what Multi Decor India Private Limited does. It offers all types of PEB equipment which are disaster and climate resistant. They also work to provide Modular farmhouses and homes, LGSF hybrid construction, industrial infrastructure solution, prefab homes and site offices, all this besides pre-engineered buildings. Their USP is their quick on-site installation and the fact that they executed more than 5000 projects shows that they have enough experience. 

Here is our list of the top 10 Pre-Engineered Manufacturers in India, hope this was useful for you and the next time you have to execute a project you would be able to take help from this article.  

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