What smells good, sells good: Top 10 perfume manufacturers in India 

India has a rich tradition when it comes to fragrances, centuries ago Ayurveda figured out how to harness the power of fragrance for medicinal use and they are continued to be used even today. Yogis found out that you can obtain oil from several plants and herbs that are very good for skincare, haircare and curing diseases. India is a big market when it comes to the perfume industry and the rate of distribution is astonishing. If one figures out how to make perfume from natural and synthetic sources, it will surely be a very profitable venture considering the strength of the Indian market. 

Even though we have a rich history of perfume manufacturing but today fragrance makers are struggling to build a strong retail brand. It is estimated that the perfume and deodorant market will rise at a great pace because nowadays people have a very strong association with their fragrance, they want to build their signature scent but also don’t want it to be monotonous and would like to keep experimenting. 

Highlights of the Indian Perfume Sector

  • India contributes around $500 million to the worldwide perfume Industry.
  • In recent years India’s growth rate is 11% which is expected to grow further because there is now more focus on personalized care, rising demand, and higher disposable income.   
  • India offers a range of fragrance categories across all budget points with different options available such as musk, earthy, fruity and floral. 
  • The major chunk of the Indian perfume market is dominated by the unorganized sector and the city of Kannauj (UP) is called the perfume capital of India. In recent years, however, the number of labelled brands have also increased with young players entering the Industry. 
  • India is a country where people love to celebrate and that’s why there are so many festivals in our country for gifting purposes perfume is considered an ideal product. This has also contributed to the rise of the perfume industry recently in India. 
  • The trend in India right now is to use natural sources to make perfume because artificial sources contain a lot of chemicals that cause harm to the skin. The use of essential oils for aromatherapy is also gaining momentum in the country.
  • Personal hygiene is being more serious nowadays and with the advent of convenient e-commerce the demand for perfumes has increased. 

Top 10 Perfume manufacturers in India 

  1. Bhawani Industries: Founded in 2015, it has created a strong name for itself with its dependable product. It is in the business of exporting and supplying a wide range of agarbattis/incense sticks. They are a sole proprietorship with their headquarters located in Bengaluru, Karnataka. They provide you with a range of incense sticks, including lemon, black stone, chypre, Lilly, lavender, agarwood, rose, sandal etc. They have a superb dilution ratio and are well-known for their quality.
  2. Neuchatel Chemie Specialties: They are well-known exporters of organic chemical intermediates such as aldehydes, ketones, acids, phthalimide derivatives, and quinolines. Their key pillars are three: First Superior quality, second Low cost and lastly timely delivery. They abide by these principles and have made a reputation by always delivering on these characteristics. They are in the business now for over a decade and have a strong clientele across the country.
  3. Kavit Polybind: Established in Ahmedabad, Gujrat they have a reputation for being one of the major producers, exporters, and importers of high-quality detergent polymer and chemical suppliers used in fragrance manufacturing. They use good quality raw materials and superior technology and also provide tailor-made solutions for their clients.
  4. Robin Chemicals: One of the older players in the industry, they were established in the year 1972. They provide a range of fragrances and aromatic essences for various manufacturing industries and the food and beverages industry. Because of their solid back record of quality, they are always in demand and they continue to maintain their high quality which meets international standards for different flavours, encapsulated flavours, essential oils, caramels, synthetic colour powders and liquid colours amongst other things. It is one of the only companies that hold an FSSC 22000 certification.
  5. Oddway Exports: A well-known brand with an international presence in exporting, distributing and delivering a full range of branded and generic drugs as well as perfumes. They were established in 1982 in Delhi and since then they have always been amongst the top manufacturers in the country. They have built a strong logistic chain to procure their raw material which is a key for them to deliver good quality products and also great care is taken to ensure that the end-product is skin friendly.
  6. Life Together: A fragrance manufacturing giant with a solid history spanning over 20 years. They hold a collection of certifications such as ISO 22716, ISO 9001 and several others, that too from different sets of issuing authorities. Their USP is their strong R&D, the fact that they re-invest 51% of their revenue in R&D shows how seriously they take it. They have strong international links and export to over 27 countries worldwide. They manufacture over 300 skincare products and distribute them in over 6000 stores worldwide.
  7. Grace Enterprises: Also known as, they have an international presence they have a wide range of fragrances you can try from. They maintain a solid online presence with e-commerce options available for you to try from their wide range of fragrances.
  8. P.M. Rathod and Co: Established in the year 1983, they manufacture a wide of products such as fragrances compounds, agarbatti compounds, natural fragrances, spray fragrances, stick fragrances and much more. They pride themselves in making products which have a drastically longer shelf-life than their competitors because of the quality of raw materials they use in manufacturing.
  9. Bo International: One of the leading perfume manufacturers in India they hold a range of certifications such as GMP, ISO and USDA that give them an edge over the others. They also work as a contract manufacturer for a lot of other companies tailor making the products as per the exact need of their clients. They use the Science of Ayurveda to find the right ingredients and you will be surprised to know that by now they have created more than 2900 formulas.
  10. Verser Perfumery: Founded by Harsh Gandhi, Verser Perfumery has carved its own niche mixing traditional and authentic fragrances with modern-day requirements. Their product line is skin-friendly, alcohol-free and organic making them one of the premium manufacturers of fragrance in India. Their emphasis is always on giving customer satisfaction through their unique approach, 

These are the top 10 fragrance manufacturers in India that you could turn to if you are in need of finding the right fragrance for your products. As disposable income is increasing India is making a lot of progress in this market and these are the companies that are leading from the front. 

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