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50 Best Thanksgiving Pick Up Lines & Jokes

Thanksgiving Pickup Lines

Whether it be winter or summer, it’s always the season for fun pickup lines to show off your witty personality. Thanksgiving might be at the bottom of your list when it comes to fun things to spark a conversation with someone I’m attracted to but hey- give everything a chance. 

Maybe thanksgiving pun is the rizz you didn’t know you needed.

It may be cuffing season but it doesn’t count with your favourite blanket or pet cat. If you’re been waiting for a sign to wear the first date fit-  this is it! Get out and play (unless you’re already cuffed). If you’re in the mood for single snowy days, still read the article, it’s entertaining in general. But if you are a slightly quirky but fun person looking for your other half who shares the same broken humour, thanksgiving pickup lines is all you need!

So here is a feast of puns you can thrive on this holiday season to make sure you’re not alone when the New Year’s countdown begins.

  1. The dinner ain’t the only thing that would want you to take off your pants
  2. Hoping you and the dinner will adequately fill me up
  3. I’d have you butter my biscuits
  4. Hop onto my gravy train
  5. Let me give you another reason to be thankful this year
  6. I’m actually saving room for your dessert
  7. I’d prefer having your gravy tonight
  8. Why don’t you let me help you take your pants off tonight
  9. Why don’t you help me avoid all those ‘are you single’ questions at family dinners
  10. I wanna get lost in your sauce
  11. Don’t waste it on the pie, I have a better way to use the whipped cream
  12. Give me some more to feast on
  13. You’re the entire meal actually
  14. I’ve got something else for you to feast on
  15. Got the oven mitts coz you’re too hot handle
  16. You put the ass in casserole
  17. Can you stuff me like the Turkey
  18. You’re the gravy to my turkey
  19. You spice up my pumpkins
  20. You’re a (cutie) pie 
  21. Ditch the dinner and baste my turkey instead
  22. Turkey legs may be juicy but your delicious
  23. You’re my wish when I break the wishbone
  24. It’s getting hot in here and you’re the reason for it
  25. You put the pump in pumpkin
  26. I don’t need to use the thermometer, you’re officially a hot bird
  27. I’d love to get you on my gravy boat
  28. There’s only one cavity that I want to stuff, if you know what I mean
  29. You’re the only thing sweeter than pumpkin pie
  30. Did you save room? Coz I’d love to be in one with you
  31. Wishing with a wishbone for another bone
  32. Is that a turkey baster in your pocket or you just happy to see me
  33. Everyone fighting over turkey legs but i just want yours
  34. You’re the turkey to my stuffing
  35. Let’s role play- you be the turkey and I’ll be the stuffing
  36. Your cherries are better than the ones on the pie
  37. We’re just like leftovers, we could use some heat
  38. I wanna butter those buns
  39. I’m always here when you’re ready for dessert
  40. The only thing hotter than you is the oven
  41. Wanna get wasted and basted with you
  42. Put my meat thermometer in your turkey
  43. I’m skipping dessert, you’re sweet enough
  44. Are you a pecan pie coz i want to cover you in nuts
  45. Turkey or no turkey, I’ve got a drumstick for you
  46. Why don’t you pull on my wishbone
  47. Happy Thankforgivingyournumber
  48. My pants are already feeling a little tight and I haven’t even started eating yet
  49. Who needs a turkey when you’re a feast to my eyes
  50. So glad you’re not vegan because I’ve got some meat for you

With all these pick up lines you should easily get some action this Thanksgiving. Now remember it’s not just what you say but how you say it. Pick up lines are tricky, you say it as smoothly as possible or say it in a goofy manner and play it off as funny. Whether it be for a serious hunt for a partner this cuffing season or just a funny list of jokes to read with your friends, they bring a smile to your face. 

Holidays can become hard when you’re single and surrounded by family questioning this multiple times. It can suck to be single but at least don’t shove it down our throats like turkey or you know what I mean.

Spice up your game and get out there and have fun, who knows you might end up with something totally unexpected but truly amazing. These holidays are special, and if a miracle happens you might get someone to share these moments with!

You never know, that’s the spirit of this season.

So good luck with all the rizz he/she/they are so not ready for but lord knows they’ll be in for a ride. The holidays are all about having fun with the people you care about. To lighten up the mood and break the ice, these pickup lines will definitely come in handy. 

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