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Modern-day interior design: Latest trends

When we hear the word ‘home’ immediately a warm fuzzy feeling takes over that tells us that

This is your comfort zone. 

This is your place. 

This is where you will spend the best time of your life.

This is where your family resides

This is where you will see your family grow

No wonder a home has a lot of emotional value attached to it and that is why people go to great lengths to design their homes.

The interior design of your home is nothing but a reflection of the people living in that house, it tells us what kind of people live inside, what textures they like, and whether they are full-on colourful people or they like to keep it classic. 

Are they minimalistic or maximalist, the design of your house says a lot about you. 

It is a form of self-expression where people go all out and today, we will look at some of the trends in interior design that are taking the world by storm. 

Especially after Covid-19, interior designing has become really important to people because of all the time they spent inside their houses they realised how important it is to design your space. 

Some went after comfort, others followed the path of modern style to elevate their living space and then there were some who went totally into the history and brought the old charm to their new houses. 

Most popular trends presently

1. Mixing of minimalism and maximalism: These are 2 different schools of thought in literally everything that you see around yourself. But today in order to find a unique space for themselves people mixed both and created their unique identities through their homes. The lines between these 2 iconic styles are blurring and the newly created space feels more personalized to the individual. 

2. Landscape colours: When the beauty of the outside world comes inside your house, it just creates a soothing effect that is too comforting. The use of nature-inspired colour combinations such as green, grey, blue and white has created a unique identity for itself and is winning hearts all over the world. Not only that they also reduce stress and increase happiness. So if you are looking for what colour should you choose next for your house, do consider this.

3. Natural materials: When you think of incorporating natural elements into the interior design of your house, don’t restrict yourself to just plants. Use other natural materials like wood, stones, and rattan into designing your furniture and other spaces as well. They add texture to your house and enhance its beauty in a subtle but effective way. Also, all of these materials are immortal, they will always stand the test of time. Do check out onyx, a type of stone and abaca rugs for an aesthetic that will get heads turning for sure. 

4. Indoor-outdoor transition: Nowadays the trend of mixing indoor and outdoor spaces is really picking up. The use of similar fabric for indoor and outdoor designs is bringing in a unique connectivity that is really pleasing to the eyes and it eliminates a sense of lag when you move from indoors to outdoors. Of course, the home location and architecture play a vital role in it helping create a more personalized space. 

5. The power of smell: Often when we think of interior design, we tend to forget one very important sensory stimulation, scent! 

Nowadays interior designers are using different fragrances to create a unique blend in the design of the office. For example, the office space will have a sharp scent that stimulates your brain. Whereas the bedroom will have a relaxing smell that gives you more comfort and calmness. 

6. Comfort: Ignore, not anymore! The value of comfort in interior design has sky-rocketed. People have realized that how much it makes them feel at ease and express themselves better. The increasing use of ottoman is one such example because it shows that how much people like it when they can rest their feet. Other soft textures like mohair and velvet are also gaining a lot of popularity. 

All in all, interior design today is just a reflection of the people that live in these houses, at least the trends say so. People are shifting more towards natural elements and comfort which is great but at the end of the day how you design your house will always be a matter of what kind of a person you are and how you like to express yourself. 


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