Mastering the Art of Public Speaking: 5 Key Strategies for Success that you can learn at home

Effective communication is one of the key reasons why humans are at the top of the food chain. It is our ability to communicate effectively with our fellow human beings that gives us the edge. Even though all of us can communicate, it is an important skill in today’s day and age. 

Public speaking is one such example of how your communication skills can really set you apart from the crowd. If you master the art of public speaking, you can accomplish great things in life because it gives you the power to convince other people of your ideas. If you are a good public speaker, trust us this skill will take you to great heights in your life. 

Often people take formal training to master the art of public speaking because the mere thought of going on a stage and addressing the masses is scary for many. Then there are those who would have great fear that if they go on stage they will forget their lines, or that they will stutter and fumble and they will be humiliated publicly. 

Fear not, there are ways to overcome this hesitation and these 5 key strategies to master the art of public speaking will surely take you a long way. Just remember one thing, there are tips and strategies to master the art of public speaking but the most important thing is practice, there is no substitute for that. 

This article will give you 5 key strategies for success and mastering the art of public speaking. 

  1. Preparation: It is the first step to mastering the art of public speaking. Make sure that you have thoroughly rehearsed your speech before actually taking the stage. This will make all the difference between an ordinary speech and an unforgettable speech. The preparation should include understanding the product and knowing the requirements of the audience, you should have a clear idea of both. For example, if you giving a speech about a new car that will be launched in the market you should know the technical details about the car, what is the horsepower, whether there is power steering or not, whether is it a 4 by 4 or not, what is the mileage that it gives etc. and then you should also know the requirements of the audience, in this case, what is that that the audience wants from this car, what is the price that they are willing to pay for a car that comes with such features etc. The understanding of this sweet spot is an important strategy in mastering the art of public speaking.
  2. Start with a bang: The beginning of your speech is really important, it sets the tone of the entire speech. If you have a strong starting then you will form a connection with the audience and you will have their attention because they will be looking forward to hearing what is it that you have to say next. A good start also gives you credibility, therefore if you master the beginning, you will master the art of public speaking as well. A good strategy for success would be you start your speech with a story or a personal experience that is real and connects to your topic. By doing this you will form a personal connection with your audience. For example, if your speech is about a car, you could start with how once you went on to an off-roading adventure and during crossing a water stream suddenly the water flow increased drastically and then it is the brilliant 4 by 4 feature of this car that really go you out of that situation. 
  3. Make the speech into a 2-way communication: Now you may be wondering how making the speech into a 2-way communication will help you master the art of public speaking. Well, let us explain. When you engage your audience in your speech, they will be more likely to pay attention and take your message home because they are invested in what you are saying. It is a great strategy for success and mastering the art of public speaking. Here are a few things that you can do to engage your audience
    Ask questions: This could be opinions, questions or just a show of hands. It is simple but it really keeps their attention intact and they actively listen to what you have to say.
    Humour: A great way to drive the message home, it is a sure-shot strategy for success but just be careful that it is done in the right taste and shouldn’t hurt anyone’s feelings. 
    Movement: As you would be aware the majority of our communication is done through our body language therefore it is advised that you don’t stay stationery on the stage and do subtle movement of your body. Slow walk. Using hand gestures etc. 
  4. Authenticity: Being yourself always works, your audience is much more likely to believe you when they know that what you are saying is coming straight from your heart. To master the art of public speaking you have to know that you need to be truthful with the audience and that you can only do when you are truthful with yourself first. Speak straight from your heart use personal anecdotes wherever possible and keep it as authentic as possible. Just remember one thing whenever you are trying to show any fluff, the audience gets it immediately so stay away from doing that While this may sound like a simple strategy, oftentimes we fall into this trap.
  5. Practice: We can’t emphasize more on this, it is the single most important tip in mastering the art of public speaking. The more you practice it, the better you will get at it. One of the proven strategies for success, practice sure makes you perfect. Rehearse out loud, when you do that you know how it sounds and where you need to make adjustments. Time yourself to make sure you don’t exceed the time limits. Look in the mirror while you are practicing it will help you spot any habits that you show while you are nervous so that you can correct them. You can also try recording yourself to see whether you are speaking clearly or not and if there is a certain area that needs improvement. 

So if you are looking to Mastering the Art of Public Speaking these are the  5 Key Strategies for Success that you can learn and rock every stage you go. We hope this article was helpful and will help you be a better public speaker. 

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