Shivika Manchanda

Journalist & Content Writer

Introducing Ms. Shivika Manchanda, a dedicated individual striving to make the world a better place by bringing positive change. Holding a post-graduate degree in Sociology from Ambedkar University Delhi, followed up with another post-graduate diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication from St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai, and a Physics Honours degree, Shivika brings a unique blend of knowledge and expertise to her pursuits.

She is very inquisitive and is a keen observer of society and she loves to explore diverse cultures, rituals, spaces, and people to get a better understanding of our world.
Currently working as a journalist for a leading newspaper in the country, Shivika has various interest areas in fascinating subjects such as celebrity dating and relationships, gardening, dance, art and culture, sustainability, and more.

With her unique blend of expertise in sociology, journalism, and physics, she strives to inspire others to embrace positive change and foster a greater appreciation for the world we live in through her writing.