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Welcome to our dedicated “Write for Us” page, specifically for tech enthusiasts willing to share their knowledge and passion with the world. We at Better for Minds have an exclusive community of readers who have a deep thirst for knowledge especially when it comes to technology.
If you are a tech writer who wants to get access to a readership who are not only interested but as excited as you are when it comes to topics such as artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, software development, IoT, gadgets, and much more. So, let’s begin our journey together, we encourage you to submit your original well-researched article and get access to our readers.
Looking forward to hearing from you.

You can write on any of the following topics:

  • • Cyber Security
  • • Cloud Computing
  • • Artificial Intelligence
  • Internet of things (IOT)
  • • Blockchain
  • Nano Technology
  • Virtual Reality
  • • Big Data
  • Data Analytics & Visualization
  • •Machine Learning
Note : Your written content should be written according to the Google search console guideline. Content should be informative and catchy with proper ways such as Heading and subheading that help the user in understanding the article and makes it neat and attractive.

Guest Posting Guidelines

  • • Word Limit – The word limit should be between 800+ words.
  • • Article Title – Make sure the headline of your article piques the reader’s curiosity as they scroll through our site.
  • • Images – We recommend that you incorporate photos in your article because it will make the material more interesting for our blog readers.
  • • Backlinks – Feel free to include 1-2 relevant backlinks.
  •  We prefer Google Docs for article submissions, but we also accept Word documents.

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Please write the subject line as “Guest post for Better for Minds

Things to Consider While Choosing Technology Website for Guest Posting

If you are looking for Technology sites who accepts guest post then finding the right website is crucial. Here we are going to give you search engine queries that you can use to find relevant websites.

  • While choosing a website for Technology guest post you should find a website is Technology niche.
  • Always choose websites with high Domain authority.
  • Check the outgoing links of the website. If the website has too many outlinks it means that the  website has already diluted the link juice.
  • Check the overall traffic of the website. You should consider website with high traffic for Technology guest posting.

How to Find Technology Blogs?

If you are looking for automotive sites who accepts guest post then finding the right website is crucial. Here we are going to give you search engine queries that you can use to find relevant websites.

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