7 Ways You Can Decode Dreams About Accidents

While dreams could get whacky, one might end up in the middle of the night shocked and relieved that it wasn’t reality. We all like to try a hand at being shrinks and interpreting it in detail, but when it’s something like dreaming of an accident- it’s hard to make full sense of it. 

Research shows that dreaming about an accident can be viewed like a portal. While it could predict agitation and change in the immediate future; it could also be an indicator of present restlessness. As we should always look at the positive side of things, we can learn some really interesting takeaways from such dreams for fruitful outcomes. 

Whatever it might be, the only way we can clearly decode the dream is by understanding its details and their respective meanings. It’s essential to retrospect and see what the subconscious mind is trying to tell you. Here are some details in 7 situations, when decoded can help make sense of these borderline-disturbing dreams.

  • If you dream and feel completely helpless during the accident

An accident that focuses more on how horribly helpless you feel is a direct reflection of your reality. You are stuck in a situation whether it be a job or a task which seems completely out of control no matter how much effort you’re putting in. 

You feel like all your energy invested in this task/situation is completely futile and your crashing hopes are portrayed like a vehicle crashing in your dream.

In this situation, all you need to do is stay calm and just believe. It’s easier said than done, but having a positive outlook always helps.

Your dreams are a reflection of your reality but your conscious thoughts can translate into your actual being. 

  • If you dream you are a part of the accident

Now this one could mean several things. A lot may be going on in your life and you’re in a situation that is urging you to make a lot of hasty decisions. This is your sign to take a step back and think before taking any actions. Your brain is urging you to think it through in order to avoid any ‘accidents’. 

Another interesting situation is when you are involved in the dream but you don’t end up getting injured. This might be an indicator of how your mindset is aligned towards getting fruitful outcomes in the end no matter how harsh the obstacles are. You are giving yourself a reminder that you are unstoppable. 

  • If you dream you are in a car accident

These kinds of accidents tend to be fast and extremely difficult to control- a possible reflection of how you’re currently feeling in your day to day life.

This is similar to the previous one where it’s an indicator for your mind to take a breath and just go with the flow. Nothing should be rushed.

Try not to get overwhelmed and go into depth when it comes to crucial decisions. Life may be a car but you’re in control of the steering wheel. 

  • If you dream you are in a plane accident

When it comes to heavy accidents like a plane crash, they tend to be referring to heavier aspects of life. These could be either not being able to get your dream internship/job or even a rough patch in a romantic relationship. 

You really need to assess what are the things and who are the people that matter most. Accordingly, you can evaluate where you feel uneasy and start chalking out a plan to find a solution.

This is your indication to stop a heavy complicated issue to arise in its nascent baby stages. 

  • If you dream of accidents in water

If you are dreaming of having accidents while being on a boat or ship, it gives away a lot of signs. A boat is in a forward direction guided by external elements like wind and water current while water itself is a symbol of a sea of emotions. 

Choppy water suggests that you have a very strong gut feeling about something and can’t wait to confront it. You want to be heard and get the satisfaction you haven’t been able to achieve.

Calm water suggests that you are in a position of constant movement and are at peace with the direction you are going in. But having a dream about an accident in this same water portrays that you may be deceived by this monotonous route. This is your sign to switch up your path before you hit rock bottom.

  • If you dream you are in a train accident

This type of dream is another type of internal war and restlessness you might be feeling. It shows how the tracks have been laid down for you but you aren’t completely in tune with it. You’re simply not able to follow this path. 

Well it’s a clear indication to course correct and lay down a new one. 

You can always change your path but never change the goal. 

  • If you dream of an accident in which you are driving

These kinds of dreams are a little more personal than the previous ones. It’s simply a very hard-hitting emotion that makes you feel like you’re losing all sense of direction as a person. Don’t lose faith so quickly and don’t take so much stress. Things in life may present themselves as speed breakers but you can always take a left turn and do the right thing!

Everyone is different in their own ways and their subsequent dreams can mean different things. It’s the power of your subconscious mind which once mastered can help you master your everyday life. These dreams definitely have a meaning unless you’re watching way too many crime documentaries with episodes on road accidents. 

Whatever it may be, as long as you’re taking this disturbing nightmare and learning positive lessons from it to implement in real life, there’s nothing to be afraid of. 


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