5 Reasons Why Your Ears Are Ringing

Do you get spooked out and feel disconnected from reality when a sudden ring goes off in your ear? It seems to come out of nowhere and life suddenly seemed better when it didn’t happen. 

But when it came to drawing a conclusion as to why it happens, people came up with a bunch of reasons with little to no scientific backing. Regardless, it is considered as a message from the universe and here’s all you need to know about it:

1) People are thinking about you

A lot of people like to believe that ears ring when someone is thinking about you. While it may seem to be borderline narcissism, it’s an interesting take for sure. People could be talking about you in a positive or negative way. Gossip is inevitable, and while you may worry about the negative way of it, stray away. You’re on people’s minds and it’s hard for them to resist. Afterall, there’s no such thing as bad publicity 😉

In case you do feel the need to put an end to it, people also believe poking a wet finger on your earlobe can effectively stop people from talking behind your back. 

2) Getting in touch with your spiritual self

We all know humans have a certain range of hearing. When an exception like ringing in the ears takes place, it’s not just about people talking about you, but you being able to talk to your spiritual self.

Everything in life is about energies and frequencies. When you start to hear higher frequencies, it’s taking you to higher realms. 

People believe it gets you closer to the ultimate divine state of being and the ringing sound is your awakening.

3) Signs from above

People believe in a higher being constantly looking over you. While it’s extremely optimistic to believe that they are always looking out for you, ringing ears are considered a sign from your guardian angel. They are apparently trying to warn you about something life-altering that’s going to happen. It’s usually a sign of threat, otherwise if you’re lucky, it could be a sign of abundance and fortune. You’ll find out the case when it happens but at least you’ll have backup plans ready to go for each situation. 

4) Someone from the other side is trying to communicate with you

Just the way ringing ears may indicate people talking about you, it could actually be someone beyond the grave trying to communicate with you. While it’s spooky it’s also pretty interesting. Their decibels would obviously not be the same as ours, hence it is a decent guess as to why your ears might be ringing. At this stage, you’re not talking, your soul is. 

This may be strongly believed by someone who’s recently lost a dear one. It’s understandable since everyone has their own ways to grieve.

5) Sign to let go of toxic people

Deep down you know when someone is taking advantage of you. They clearly take advantage of your time and efforts. People around you know it, you know it and they definitely know it. It might also be the reason why so many people might be talking about you, hence the ringing.

But on a serious note if you are looking for a sign to confront them or cut them off, this is it. Ringing in the ear is the ultimate thing that gives you that push to evaluate your friendships or relationships and urges you to cut off the ones who are mentally taxing. 

If you are keen to know more about the first point, here’s some more information as to how to know when someone is thinking or talking about you:

  • Sneezing constantly: Getting repeated sneezes is one of the most common ways to tell someone is thinking about you. It is always considered in a positive sense.
  • Getting Hiccups: This one is very common in Asian households. It has negative connotations at times. People believe it is usually because of jealous people and leads to bad luck.
  • Burning ears: This is an Irish belief. If it’s the left ear, they believe people are saying nice things. In case it’s right- it means people are saying spiteful things.

Coming back to ears ringing specifically, one needs to be careful in case it gets worse. That’s when it goes beyond just beliefs and could lead to medical conditions. 

Here are a few conditions it might indicate to:

Tinnitus: In this case ringing in the ear could be a result of underlying health conditions. These  could be earwax blockages, blood issues or too much exposure to loud noises. You need to see a doctor and start undoing these side effects. At this point you might be hearing more than just buzzing sounds.

    Loss in the ability to hear: When you are constantly exposed to loud noises, the insides of your ears start to get damaged. This is when you start hearing an excess amount of buzzing in your ears.

    The tiny hairs in your ears when repeatedly exposed to unhealthy volumes of noise, can lead to destroying these hairs and subsequently hearing loss.

    This is when you might want to look around and see what is the source of this noise- could be a generator or constant loud music;  and take steps to reduce it. 

    Heart conditions and high blood pressure: If you start hearing sounds like beating and thumping, it is an indicator of high blood pressure that leads to heart issues. You need to go to a doctor and start making lifestyle changes and get the proper prescription.

    At this point, we know the excess of anything is a bad sign. Ears ringing and hearing a buzz can mean so many different things and it’s interesting to see all the beliefs people have come up with. People tend to fixate on ears ringing when someone thinks about you more than the other notions. This is all fun and games unless it starts to happen more frequently for a longer period of time. It starts indicating that something is wrong and you must visit a doctor. After all, health is extremely important and should be one’s first priority.

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